Equus 3310 Review

Equus 3310 Review

The Equus 3310 multimeter is called a hands free meter as it’s fitted with a wrist band to attach it with the user’s wrist. It’s a light weight, handy instrument that covers most of the functions necessary to diagnose automotive and house hold electrical faults efficiently. Above all it’s very cheap!


The DMM Equus 3310 has limited functions to perform. But it does these at dependable accuracies. Its 10MΩ internal impedance safe guards the sensitive electronic parts from damage during testing. The functions it’s designed for are here below:

  • DC voltage
  • AC voltage
  • DC Ampere
  • Ohms
  • Battery voltage
  • Diode and continuity test

In DC voltage measurement you would get four ranges starting with 200mV and ending at 500V. In measuring AC voltage you have two ranges only, 200 and 500V. DC ampere you can measure in four ranges. These are 2, 20, 200mA and 10A. Resistance measurement ranges are four in number. 200, 2k, 200k, and 20MΩ are the ranges available on the instrument. Battery testing facility is for 1.5, 6, 9, and 12 volt batteries. Thus you may test almost all batteries of our everyday life, even when these are in use. Continuity test provides an audible signal.


  • 10MΩ input impedance
  • Wrist band
  • Test lead holders
  • Corner protection pads
  • Auto power off

High internal impedance of the instrument ensures correct voltage measurement and safe testing for sensitive electronic elements. The wrist band provides you the hands-free testing ability. Test lead holders have some utility while the meter is not in operation. The protection pads are strong enough to protect the tool in case of accidental fall.

Auto power off preserves the battery life when you forget to switch it off. This happens frequently by many people. The test leads and their insulation seems to be a bit weaker than they should be. Otherwise it’s a DMM that offers you much more than the price it demands. So you may choose this tool without any hesitation for most of your everyday purposes.

Equus 4320

Equus 4320

Equus 4320 is a smart looking instrument. It’s very small and handy. But still the display is quite big and easy to see. Its colorful front has given it a somewhat childish appearance.

A 4320 has a 10M Ohm circuitry which provides better protection against inadvertent damage of sensitive electronic parts of an automobile from its use on them.

It has two test lead holders that keep the lead wires in proper alignment and you can use the instrument very promptly. You can use the instrument in a hands free position.

It’s useable for detection of faults in automotive circuits, charging systems and wirings. At the same time you can test battery voltages of cars and electrical components for ascertaining their healthiness.

If you have a hobby of electronics you may choose this multimeter for yourself. For domestic use it’s quite  alright. You can measure the wall outlet voltage and common purpose battery voltages with it. You are enabled to test fuses and cut outs with an Equus 4320.

An easy to understand instruction leaflet in English, French and Spanish is included with it for the users. So you can select this model depending on your purpose and budget.

Equus 3340 Review

Equus 3340 Review

The Equus 3340 is the most full-featured option in the Innova series automotive multimeters. It picks up the torch from the Equus 3320 and adds a considerable amount of added functionality to the mix. Continue reading “Equus 3340 Review” »

Price: $73.71

Equus 3320 Review (Auto-Ranging, Digital)

Equus 3320 Review (Auto-Ranging, Digital)

The Equus 3320 is an entry-level affordable multimeter, primarily intended for automotive use. It’s key benefit is that it’s auto-ranging, which is a feature you rarely see in products in this price range. At this writing the 3320 is a bestseller on Amazon.com in the automotive category because it is selling for nearly half the list price.

It also works will as a general-purpose instrument although it does have its limitations; it takes a while for it to stabilize and find the correct range, and for AC power it is limited to 200mA. The build quality is also somewhat lacking compared to high-end devices like the Fluke 87-5, but I suppose it’s hard to complain considering that the latter is a professional-grade product, while the Equus 3320 is targeting hobbyists.

For DIY work around the house, basic work with electronics and for the amateur auto mechanic, it is nevertheless amazing to find a feature like auto-ranging in a product this affordable. After all, having to turn the dial to get the correct range is something that is especially useful for less experienced users. Many users tend to overlook this, hence causing them to get an incorrect reading.

Price: $19.99

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