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Klein MM2000 HVAC True RMS

Klein MM2000 HVAC True RMS

The Klein MM2000 is another good digital instrument from Klein Tools and a more advanced version of the MM1000 from the same manufacturer. It competes with other high-end meters like the Fluke 179. It’s a true RMS multimeter with an extensive feature set. Its shape and color combination is a bit different compared to competing meters. Brilliant black at the center and orange ends present an attractive look, if such things were important. Due to flattened ends it is comfortable to hold in your hand.


It has all the common functions of an electrician’s multimeter. Voltage, current and resistance are obviously present on it. In addition, it measures capacitance, frequency/duty cycle and temperature. The ranges of the parameters are convenient for most industrial purposes.

The meter’s voltage range is 1000 and current range is 10A on this instrument. 40MΩ is the highest range of resistance measurement. Well, you can measure µA even as low as 0.1 with this multimeter. Maximum range of capacitor measurement on this meter is 4000µF.

The temperature measuring range of the instrument is wide enough, from -58 to 1832°F.

Key Features

  • True RMS value
  • Bright backlit display
  • Graphic display (bar graph)
  • Low impedance measurement

What you get

When you purchase an MM2000 HVAC true RMS DMM you get the following:

  • The DMM
  • Thermocouple for temperature measurement
  • One set of batteries

An MM2000 can probably serve you just as well as similar and more expensive instruments from competitor brands.



Klein Tools MM1000

Klein Tools MM1000

The Klein MM1000 is a digital multimeter with an auto ranging feature; it provides most of the essential functions an electrician has to encounter. It seems to be well built in size and shape. The ribs on the two sides of the meter facilitate a stronger grip.

Functions available

This DMM measures AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, frequency and duty cycle. The instrument also operates on micro amperes and temperature. The range for voltage is 1000 and ampere is 10. The highest resistance it can handle is 40MΩ and lowest micro ampere it can measure is 0.1µA. Highest capacitance range of this meter is 4000µF. Yes, you can test diodes and continuity also with this tool.


The multimeter possesses the following salient features:

  • Auto ranging in measuring voltages
  • Backlit, brighter display
  • Bargraph can measure fast changing parameters
  • Flame detectors can be checked with µA range
  • Rubber mold casing makes it drop proof
  • Better safety with CAT IV

The package

Buying an MM1000 also gets you the thermocouple for temperature measurement. Test leads and the battery required for the instrument are also supplied along with the meter. So you get a ready-to-use instrument for testing and diagnosis of electrical problems.

Price: $299.95

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