Nippon America

Nippon America ST9500

Nippon America ST9500

You are a professional electrician, you need a multimeter for your testing purposes and you find the Nippon America ST 9500. The manufacturer claims it to be a professional Multi-Tester. It’s prepared for measuring voltage, current and resistance. In addition to those, you can measure capacitance and frequency with this tester. Sometimes you’ll have to test diodes and transistors. You don’t have to worry about if you posses a ST 9500. While testing continuity of a circuit you’ll get an audible signal for a positive result.

This DMM measures AC and DC voltages and currents. AC voltage function presents four ranges. The lowest range is a single digit and the highest one in three digits. DC voltage measurement has an extra  mV scale and the rest of the ranges are similar to AC voltage.

You’ll find four ranges for measuring DC current on this tester, while there are three for AC.  Resistance measuring facility is lavishly wide on the meter. You are provided with eight ranges for this function. The ranges start from ohm and ends at MΩ. This tester has been designed to measure frequency of an AC source as well. Five ranges in Hz, kHz and MHz are available on the instrument.

Transistors and diodes go wrong one day and you need to find which one is not working properly. For identifying the faulty one you may use this instrument. More over current path can be tested for continuity with it. So, it can be said that this multi-tester has all the vital functions which are required by a professional electrical worker. However, the look and finish of the meter are not that good. The test leads seem to have too thin insulation to be long lasting. Still it’s alright for the price.

Nippon America ST5077

Nippon America ST5077

The ST 5077 Digital Multi tester is a simple and economic handheld instrument. Its appearance is plain and unimpressive, but still probably alright for an amateur electrician or for household work.

It measures voltages both A.C and D.C and electrical resistance in ohms. You can also measure mA with the help of this tester. You can test the circuit continuity of a simple system with it. In fact you can undoubtedly have your day-to-day electrical testing done with this ordinary meter.

However, this instrument is not for any sophisticated job where accuracy is important. For such a job you should select a better instrument. Its advantage over other brands is the price. It’s undoubtedly one of the cheapest multimeters available in the present market.

Price: $9.97

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