Sinometer MAS345 Review

Sinometer MAS345 Review

The Sinometer MAS345 is a digital multimeter with a computer interface included. This instrument is designed to accommodate all common functions of a DMM. It measures voltage and ampere of both AC and DC categories. It finds resistance in ohms. In addition to those it measures capacitance and temperature. It works for testing diodes, transistors and circuit continuity also. The brilliant extra feature is its computer interface function. So you get the scope to store and analyze the measured data on your PC.

Functions and Ranges

AC voltage ranges available on the DMM are 4, 40, 400 and 750V. Accuracy variation is from 1.2% to 1.5%. DC voltage has some similar ranges except the top one. It’s here 1000V. DC voltage measurement presents better accuracies that run from 0.5% to 0.8% only. Another vital function is ampere measurement. You may have 3 ranges in measuring both AC and DC currents. The spans are 4mA, 400mA and 10A. Accuracies here also mimic voltage measurement, which is a bit better in DC than in AC.

This multimeter can measure ohms in six ranges, starting from 400 ohms and finishing at 40Mohms. Accuracy for first five ranges is 1.2% and that for the last one is 3%. Your capacitance measuring tool has got two ranges and its correctness swings between ± 4.0%. You can measure a temperature as high as 750°C with this tool at an accuracy of 3.0%. The meter MAS345 is able to test continuity with buzzer signal. It can test diodes and transistors also.


This DMM MAS345 has the features outlined below:

  • Auto range selection
  • Overload indication and protection
  • Conformity with IEC 1010 standard
  • PC-interfaced
  • 1 month money return guarantee and 1 year warranty

This electronic tool serves your most of the testing and measuring purposes with acceptable accuracy. It looks great in an all black design. The package contains the instrument, test leads, software CD-ROM, RS232 cable and instruction manual. You may grab one for your everyday use, as the price is also within reach of most potential users.

Sinometer MS8269 Review

Sinometer MS8269 Review

The Sinometer MS8269 is a 31 range multimeter. Obviously it’s designed to measure and test almost all the variables and parameters an electrical technician requires to detect. This DMM may be said to be a good enough instrument for odd jobs and field works. But it’s not designed for precision jobs. So you shouldn’t expect that degree of accuracy from it.

This meter is prepared for measurements of V AC/DC, A AC/DC and ohms, each of these variables in more than one range. Further to these, the instrument measures capacitance and inductance. You can measure temperature up to certain level with this tool. Undoubtedly inductance measurement is something new for a multimeter of this price. It may help you in the field work. The MS8269 may be used to test diodes, transistors and continuity. You’ll find audible signal also for continuity.

The Ranges

The instrument provides 4 ranges in AC voltage and 5 ranges in dc voltage measurement. AC voltage ranges are 2, 20, 200 and 750 V and DC voltages are 200mV, 2, 20, 200, 1000V. Current measurement is rather limited to two ranges both in AC and DC. These are 200mA and 10A. This seems to be alright for field use.

Resistance measurement is lavishly designed for 6 ranges. These start at 200Ω and terminate at 20MΩ. You can measure capacitances in 4 ranges which are distributed between 20nF and 200µF. Similar the case of inductance measurement. You get 4 ranges here that start from 20mH and ends at 20H.


The Mastech MS8269 is prepared with several advantageous features, including the following:

  • Cat II and Cat III  safety class
  • Display hold option
  •  Resettable over range protection
  • Auto Power off
  • Separate plug in port for Temp. and hFE
  • Strong long lasting case

The meter is supplied with test leads, a 9V battery and temperature probe fixer. One year warranty is is also included with the DMM from the manufacturer. Considering all the features and functions you may choose this for field and industrial use.

Price: $34.98

MS2138R Review – Sinometer/Mastech Clamp DMM

MS2138R Review - Sinometer/Mastech Clamp DMM

The MS2138R is a digital AC/DC clamp multimeter. It’s a True RMS multimeter that measures correct RMS values of AC voltage and currents. The specialty of this instrument is the Clamp, with a big ‘C’. It enables you to measure current without direct contact. However, for measuring voltage and resistance you have to make contact with the test leads to the point of measurement.

This instrument comes with all the common functions of a multimeter; It measures AC and DC voltages and AC/DC currents. It measures resistance and tests continuity. You can test diodes on it. For frequency measurement it is also good to go. The AC voltage ranges available here are 4V, 40V, 400V, and 700V. Accuracy is good enough for maintenance purposes. It’s ± 1.0% to ± 1.2%. DC voltage ranges you have here are 4V, 40V, 400V, and 1000V. Accuracies are still better than AC voltage. These are ±0.8% and ± 1.0% for DC.

AC current measuring ranges on this meter are 400A and 1000A. Up to 600A the accuracy is ±2.5% and beyond that it’s ±3.0%. This meter measures DC current in the same two ranges and accuracy is ±3.0% all over the ranges. Resistance measurement with this digital tool has a wider flexibility of ranges. These are 400, 4k, 40k, 400k, 4M and 40MΩ. The highest range has an accuracy of ±2.0% while other ranges have somewhat better accuracy, it’s ±1.0%.

The Sinometer/Mastech MS2138R clamp multimeter has a few advantageous features. These are presented below:

  • Large LCD with backlighting
  • Max cable diameter for the clamp, 42mm
  • Auto /Manual setting of range
  • Max/Min function
  • True RMS values for voltage and current
  • Clamp jaw light
  • Auto power off

Hence it’s a multimeter with most of the functions an electrician requires. It is good enough for professional purposes as well as hobbyist/DIY purposes. A small complaint is that sometimes it will show a zero on this meter for current measurement. This may be overcome by subtracting initial deviation from the display. After all it’s a nice multifunction tool for the price.

Price: $74.90

Sinometer MS8268 Review

Sinometer MS8268 Review

The Sinometer MS8268 is a multimeter with a different look. End protection covers the top end and semicircular lower end with undulation give it this appearance. It’s a 1000 V, 10 Amp multimeter with some special features those are not available on others. It has Voltage, Ampere and Ohm measuring facilities as usual to all such meters. It measures up to 200 kHz of frequency and 200 µF of capacitance. Its resistance/insulation measuring range is as high as 40 Mega ohms. You may have diodes tested on it, too.

This instrument has got Auto and Manual ranging options with Relative measurement at all ranges except frequency measurement. It switches off the power automatically after a certain time of no activity. You may disable this function when desired. Its quite prominent LCD display is LED back-lit. This is very helpful for working with insufficient light, but the back-light stays on for 5 seconds only. This could have been made much better with a longer interval. Wide ranges (400 mV, 400 µA) on the meter make it more convenient for use.

This hand held instrument is provided with features like LED indication of correct terminal for test leads against selection of a function. If you push into a wrong terminal the correct terminal LED would start blinking. So you have a lower chance for a mistake. If you insert the pin of lead half way, the corresponding LED would continue to glow.

This electronic tool is quite rugged in construction especially due to the end protectors. But it could be much better with a carrying case. It’s quite a good selection for the price with a lot of helpful features on it.


Price: $32.00

Sinometer DT9205

Sinometer DT9205

Review Summary

The DT9205 from Sinometer is a 32-range digital multimeter with all the basic functionality and a robust build. It measures voltage (AC/DC), resistance and current and comes with diode check and transistor test.

There are no editorial reviews available for this multimeter, and user reviews are quite varied but generally positive. The average rating on, for example, is 3.5 stars out of five. Many users point out that the DT 9205 offers excellent value for money, while others remark that it is feels fairly cheap or along the lines of “you get what you pay for”.

Considering the exceptionally low price tag at the moment (less than $25) it still has to be said that the ratings are well above average from what you’d expect from such an affordable multimeter.

One user says that the Sinometer DT9205 has an excellent build quality with a comfortable rubber grip and does what it’s supposed to. On the downside, several reviewers remark that the battery drains even when the multimeter is not in use (it ships with a 9V battery).

Because of its lower-than-average price tag it lacks some of the features that are included with more expensive multimeters, such as autoranging and it is not a True-RMS meter. It is therefore primarily targeted at hobbyists and seems to fill this purpose relatively well.

Price: $12.98

Sinometer DT830B Review

Sinometer DT830B Review

Review summary: The DT830B is an incredibly popular digital multimeter, not least for its highly affordable price tag and versatile feature set, which covers many of the general requirements that DIY’ers and hobbyists may have. It is not a professional product but serves well as a basic and reasonably accurate multimeter for home and auto use. It measures a mere 5.0 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches, weighs little and comes with 20-range DMM and built-in battery tester.

For those purchasing this device primarily to test batteries, it should be noted that some users have had issues in this regard–particularly when measuring rechargeable NiMh batteries. It is actually specified for 1.5V and 9V batteries, which implies that lower-voltage rechargeable batteries may pose a problem.

The instruction manual included with the unit is somewhat lacking in scope, so the user is assumed to have a decent grasp on how to use the product.

It takes a little longer to get a stable reading with the DT830B as opposed to e.g. a Fluke multimeter, but the readings seem to be surprisingly accurate considering the very low price.

Since this multimeter costs a mere fraction of a professional-grade product, it has to be said that it delivers great value for money. For the user who just needs a multimeter occasionally, the DT830B is a good device. It is easy to carry around or stuff in the tool box and is fairly accurate as well as durable in spite of its low weight.

Price: $6.99

Sinometer M300 Review: Pocket Multimeter

Sinometer M300 Review: Pocket Multimeter

We haven’t had our hands on the Sinometer M300 yet, but here is a brief product description. The Sinometer M300 is a very small basic multimeter 13 ranges. It is somewhat limited in scope but is nevertheless a practical device that you can keep in your shirt pocket wherever you go. For its size, it is quite a competent little machine. It measures DC current up to 200 mA and AC/DC voltage up to 500 volts. It can also measure resistance and continuity. Test leads are included, or in fact pre-installed (3V X 2 SR44).

Another pleasant aspect with the M300 is its exceptionally low price tag. The list price is low – $14.95 – but it is currently selling for almost half: $7.99. On the whole it looks like a very good deal on a pocket-sized digital multimeter for hobbyists and DIY’ers. It is certainly easy to travel with. The user reviews on Amazon are unanimously praising the device, giving it a 5 out of 5 average score for usability and low cost.

Price: $9.60

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