Steren 602-270

The Steren 602-270 instrument is an Auto Range Multimeter having all the functions a professional electrical technician normally needs. It displays the test results on a high contrast LCD screen of 5/8 inch height. A 33 segment bar graph indicates results in analog.

Functions on the Steren 602-270

This meter performs the following measurements and tests:

  • AC/DC voltage
  • AC/DC current
  • Resistance
  • Capacitance
  • Frequency
  • Diode, Transistor and continuity test

AC voltage measurement spans from 326 mV to 700 V and correctness of the meter is ±0.8%. When you measure DC voltage with this tool you get a wider range, from 326 mV to 1000 V and the instrument is accurate up to ±0.3%.

This instrument is more suitable for lower ranges of current measurement. It ranges from 326µA to 10 A in measuring current. Its correctness is found to be ±1.5%. The range and correctness are true for both AC and DC.

The DMM measures resistances in ohms. Minimum Range available for ohms is 326 and maximum is 32.6 MΩ. Accuracy found in ohms is ±0.8%.

The meter measures frequency of a power source in Hz. The span of frequency it can handle correctly is 32.6Hz to 200 kHz and accuracy in this case is ±1.2%. So it can be said that the frequency range is not sufficiently wide.

The digital tool is good for testing diodes and transistors. You may ascertain the quality of these electronic elements by this tool. Continuity of an electrical path is also needed frequently to test. This meter enables you to do this and at the same time it beeps the continuity.

The main features of this DMM in a nutshell are:

  • Manual Range Override
  • Overload protection
  • Data hold
  • High input impedance (10- 100 MΩ)
  • Tuff protection case
  • 36 inch, double insulated test lead
  • Tilt stand, holster and 9V battery included

Although some finishing work is not that good, the multimeter is alright for the price.