TekPower TP4000ZC (PC RS232 Interface)

TekPower TP4000ZC (PC RS232 Interface)

You are an Electrical Engineer; You want to record the measured data and all information collected by a multimeter for future reference and/or for research; You had best procure a DMM with a PC interface. The TekPower TP4000ZC is a DMM with a PC-based RS232 Interface. Otherwise it’s nothing but a common and cheap multimeter. The interface has given it the specialty status.

This meter provides all the basic services an electrician expects from such an instrument: AC/DC voltage and current, resistance and capacitance are some of the functions there are on it. Moreover you can measure frequency and temperature with the help of this digital tool. Diode and continuity are possible to test on it. You have a beeper on this meter to indicate continuity, but the sound is a bit too low to be heard in a noisy environment.

The maximum range of current you can measure on it is 10A and the highest value of resistance one can measure here is 40MΩ. The capacitor you have the scope to measure is at best 100µF. This range for capacitors is not enough. The frequency range a TekPower TP4000ZC can detect is from 10Hz to 10MHz.

The DMM contains test leads, 2 AA batteries, thermo probe, RS 232 cable and software along with the instrument. The manufacturer offers a one year warranty for the meter. The meter finish is not that good and the LCD does not have a backlight. But still it seems to be alright for the price. The compatibility with PC operating systems is the big deal here.

Price: $34.99

Tekpower RS232 Review (True RMS, Auto/Manual DMM)

Tekpower RS232 Review (True RMS, Auto/Manual DMM)

The Tekpower RS232 has an interface to connect the digital multimeter to a personal computer. In fact, engineers and electricians sometimes need to save and analyze the information collected through a DMM. But the interface is not easily available. Tekpower has done it at a reasonable price. And at the same time it’s simple to use. You can connect through a USB port of your computer.

Tekpower markets the item along with its Multimeters TP 4000ZC and DT 9602R. These instruments are workable digital multimeters. Both have all the basic functions of a multimeter. In addition these provide Temperature, Capacitance, Frequency and Duty cycle measurement facilities. You may also check diodes and continuity with the instruments.

When you buy a TP4000ZC or DT9602R you get the following items:

  • The Multimeter
  • Test leads
  • PC RS232 interface, software included
  • K- type thermo probe
  • User manual

TP4000ZC is a multimeter with no backlit display. So it is difficult to see the test result in a low light area–particularly if you have poor eyesight already. The continuity buzzer is very low to be heard in a noisy area. Still you may find it alright for the price.

Hence you may find the RS232 a tempting option when browsing for a new DMM. It is also called a True RMS Multimeter. It contains all the features of a good multimeter. As an additional feature it has PC interface. So you can measure, you can record the test results for future reference and analyze the data collected. Well, this meter has backlit on the screen. You can easily see the data in darkness also.

The software for the interface is compatible with Windows XP and below. The interface has optical isolator for protection of your PC from a high voltage. The manufacturer provides 1 year warrantee for the instrument.

Price: $49.99

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