ADM5201 Automotive Digital Multimeter

The ADM5201 is a combination of conventional multimeter and an automotive diagnostic instrument. It’s a hand held meter having a wide screen with multiple display capabilities at a time. You can dissolve any electrical and electronic problem of today’s complicated automobile circuitry very easily with this tool. Its deep yellow face with contrasted grey outline has given an impressive look. But the wavy design on the two sides at the same time creates a slightly childish profile. However, it seems to be rugged in construction.

Multimeter Functions

This meter presents voltage and ampere measurement facility for both AC and DC systems. It also measures frequency, temperature, and RPM. You can measure resistance with it and testing of diodes is also possible on this DMM. So it’s almost a full-function multimeter.

Automotive Functions

This automotive diagnostic tool helps you to face and fix circuit problems of new cars. It’s said that, electrical system of today’s cars is more sophisticated than those of eighty’s aircrafts. This is true. So this is really challenging to sort out the problems in such a complicated system. This automotive DMM empowers you to face the challenge.

ADM5201 is an O2 tester on one side and you can test fuel injection of PFI and TBI systems on the other. It provides fast and correct information regarding problems in the total O2 circuit. The ADM is capable to transmit rich/lean signal to the ECM.  It displays crossing rate (CC) and at the same time O2 voltage while the second display indicates the test results.

You may check ground, battery charging and the alternator with the ADM. Drainage of battery charge is also detectable with it. You can measure MS-pulse width on the instrument. The DMM is capable to test health of air control motors and transmission controllers. In fact this tool can help you to diagnose 1 to 12 cylinder engines

A large LCD display with bright backlight enables you to see the results easily even in a poorly illuminated area. You can calibrate the meter through the port RS232 without opening the case. The ADM5201 has a lot of convenient features in its account. Some of them are:

•    1 ms peak mode
•    Memory store up to 20 locations
•    Auto power off
•    Accurate RPM detection with 4 step triggering
•    Temperature measurement up to 1300°C
•    Dual display  and bar graph

Hence as an automobile electrician you may want to consider this DMM. The instrument has a good overall feature set for automotive diagnosis.