Velleman DVM850BL

The Velleman DVM850BL is a lightweight digital multimeter with all necessary features required for household use and for an amateur. Its toy like color combination should attract youngsters. It’s quite small and handy for use and carrying. Above all it doesn’t need a hand full of bucks to buy.

DVM850BL has got measuring facility for all basic electrical parameters. You can measure a maximum of 600 V both in alternating and direct currents. 10 Amperes is the highest limit of current flow through it. Resistance measuring ranges available on a DVM850BL are 200, 2K, 20K, 200K, and 2MΩ.

This instrument provides data hold facility and the display has backlit option for working in inadequate light. You can test diodes and transistors with this meter as well. Continuity test provides a confirmation buzzer on the DMM.

The 9 V battery supplies power for its functioning which is included in the price. You will get a protection holster along with the instrument. So you can have this multimeter with so many functions at a nominal price.

Price: $12.95