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Although there are certainly lots of other good makes, Fluke is perhaps the most knowledgeable name in high-end, industrial True RMS meters. But by and large, Fluke meters generally come with a healthy mixture of high quality and desirable specifications. The only downside is that they are usually a little bit pricier than the competition.

The 87-5 has been fitted with a thermometer in addition to the meter. It also comes with a sizable digital display and both manual and auto ranging for the best flexibility. Just like its predecessor the 70 series, the 80 series is generally well regarded as long-lasting and reliable multimeters, and this also applies to the 87-5.

The device is extremely responsive and measures up to 1,000V AC and DC. Furthermore, it appears to be well-protected and shielded from high voltages and currents (it withstands 8,000 volt spikes caused by load switching) as well as rough environments.

Last but not least, the 80 series comes with a lifetime warranty and complies with the second edition ANSI/ISA S82.01 and EN61010-1. If accuracy and responsiveness as well as a high-quality, robust build are important factors to you, then the Fluke 87-5 is a winner. The built-in thermometer is a bonus that might save some space in your tool belt.

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  • Accurate frequency measurements on adjustable speed drives (ASD) due to Fluke-designed low-pass filter
  • Built-in thermometer allows temperature measurements without a separate thermometer
  • Peak Min/Max allows capture of intermittents as fast 250 µS
  • Dual display resolution - 6000 or 20,000 counts - lets you see small changes in displayed readings.CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V safety rated
  • Measure up to 1000 VAC and DC
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