Fluke 289 Industrial Logging Multimeter

Fluke 289 Industrial Logging Multimeter

The new Fluke 289 may be termed a next-generation, True RMS industrial multimeter with unique diagnostics abilities. It’s designed to work out complicated problems in your electronic or automation systems, and also in power distribution and electromechanical equipment.

Specialties of the Fluke 289

You can log data and analyze it graphically on a 289. While you are busy with other work your 289 can log on and record data as your watch dog.

The Fluke 289 and FlukeView combo kit makes it a powerful instrument for monitoring and diagnosis. You can feed data from six meters or from six time periods at a time on this meter that helps to find cause and effect relationship of a fault. FVF software enables you to do this job more efficiently.

The above combination can convert mere data into workable and result-oriented graphs and tables. You’ll have very good prediction about the trend of fault and preventive maintenance can be planned so easily! Thus reduction of down time and potentially greatly improved productivity may be achieved.

Functions and Features

The instrument displays quite large digits with white backlight. Its functions include all common electrical phenomenons. In addition it measures temperature and very low resistance. The meter provides multiple display facility. LoZ volts function ensures removal of any ghost voltage from the display. Due to the presence of a Low pass filter you can even measure frequency voltage of electrically noisy equipments accurately.

On the instrument you can name and recall the data saved from field. During temperature measurement you can choose units either in C or F. This multimeter has a relative mode function that automatically deducts the lead resistance from the measured value for accuracy.

Fluke’s 289 can store up to 10,000 readings at a time and able to produce graphic representation without a PC even. Yes, this instrument is compatible with a PC and you can have the software and inter-connector as an optional item.

The Package

The DMM includes an instruction manual, silicone test leads, crocodile clips, the batteries and the CD (manual in 16 languages). As optional items you may have USB connector for PC and the software, a soft carrying case and a magnetic hanger.

Logging of a system or a process for a maximum of 200 hours is possible on this instrument. Thus you can have a characteristic report about the process. In conclusion, the Instrument is very correctly named as an ‘Industrial Logging Multimeter with Trend Capture’.

Price: $495.00

Fluke 8846A Benchtop Multimeter

Fluke 8846A Benchtop Multimeter

The Fluke 8846A is a precision multimeter designed to be used on the bench top. It performs virtually all measurements required by a professional user. Its performance is so high that the basic accuracy for DC voltage is 0.0024%. It may serve research and development purposes and also other fields of use. The instrument has a great many functions on it but remains relatively simple to use. Continue reading “Fluke 8846A Benchtop Multimeter” »

Price: $1,575.00

ADM5201 Automotive Digital Multimeter

ADM5201 Automotive Digital Multimeter

The ADM5201 is a combination of conventional multimeter and an automotive diagnostic instrument. It’s a hand held meter having a wide screen with multiple display capabilities at a time. You can dissolve any electrical and electronic problem of today’s complicated automobile circuitry very easily with this tool. Its deep yellow face with contrasted grey outline has given an impressive look. But the wavy design on the two sides at the same time creates a slightly childish profile. However, it seems to be rugged in construction.

Multimeter Functions

This meter presents voltage and ampere measurement facility for both AC and DC systems. It also measures frequency, temperature, and RPM. You can measure resistance with it and testing of diodes is also possible on this DMM. So it’s almost a full-function multimeter.

Automotive Functions

This automotive diagnostic tool helps you to face and fix circuit problems of new cars. It’s said that, electrical system of today’s cars is more sophisticated than those of eighty’s aircrafts. This is true. So this is really challenging to sort out the problems in such a complicated system. This automotive DMM empowers you to face the challenge.

ADM5201 is an O2 tester on one side and you can test fuel injection of PFI and TBI systems on the other. It provides fast and correct information regarding problems in the total O2 circuit. The ADM is capable to transmit rich/lean signal to the ECM.  It displays crossing rate (CC) and at the same time O2 voltage while the second display indicates the test results.

You may check ground, battery charging and the alternator with the ADM. Drainage of battery charge is also detectable with it. You can measure MS-pulse width on the instrument. The DMM is capable to test health of air control motors and transmission controllers. In fact this tool can help you to diagnose 1 to 12 cylinder engines

A large LCD display with bright backlight enables you to see the results easily even in a poorly illuminated area. You can calibrate the meter through the port RS232 without opening the case. The ADM5201 has a lot of convenient features in its account. Some of them are:

•    1 ms peak mode
•    Memory store up to 20 locations
•    Auto power off
•    Accurate RPM detection with 4 step triggering
•    Temperature measurement up to 1300°C
•    Dual display  and bar graph

Hence as an automobile electrician you may want to consider this DMM. The instrument has a good overall feature set for automotive diagnosis.

Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeter Review

Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeter Review

The Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeter is a fantastic combination of a multimeter and an insulation tester. So it’s much more versatile an instrument for electrical maintenance and troubleshooting jobs. Like all other Fluke products it’s rugged, handy and easy to use. Big display is with white backlit. It contains almost all measuring options of a DMM; in addition it’s a 1 KV insulation tester. It facilitates your maintenance work on motors, generators, switch gear, and cables. The package includes a remote probe, test leads, K- type thermocouple, 4 batteries, alligator clips, Guide in hard copy and CD Rom. All these are sent in a well built, strong case.

Measuring Functions

This unique instrument provides you with measuring facility of AC/DC voltages, DC mV, AC/DC amperes, resistance, capacitance, and frequency. Moreover it features temperature measurement with k- type thermocouple. The ranges and accuracies may be represented as below:

  • AC Volts              1000V                    ±2.0%
  • DC Volts              1000V                    ±0.09%
  • AC ampere         400mA                  ±1.5%
  • DC ampere         400mA                  ±0.2%
  • Resistance          50MΩ                    ±0.9%
  • Capacitance       9,999µF                ±1.2%
  • Frequency          100kHz                  ±0.1%
  • Temperature    998°F

Insulation test is quite different a topic. To find insulation strength of a high voltage machines depend greatly on test voltage. This instrument is designed with different test voltages like 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000volts. So it’s possible to have a dependable result from this instrument even for HV machines. Accuracy varies from ±1.5% to ±3.0% depending on test voltages.


Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeter is an example of Fluke’s innovation in electrical testing tools. Fluke has combined two most vital categories of testing in one compact instrument successfully. The major features of the DMM are depicted below:

  • Live circuit detection on insulation test ensures better safety
  • Auto discharge of capacitor voltages enhances protection
  • Auto power off saves battery power
  • CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V measurement category
  • Optional magnetic hanger frees both hands of the user
  • Quick reference guide
  • CD Rom with manual
  • 3-Year warranty

Your Fluke 1587 may be a wonderful instrument for corrective and preventive maintenance of all sorts of electrical machinery and equipment. For maintaining industrial and commercial installations it’s dependable, easy workable and compact. So you may select this instrument as your professional aide and certainly it would reciprocate your money in terms of long-term, valuable service.

Price: $799.99

Extech EX430 True RMS DMM

Extech EX430 True RMS DMM

The EX430 is a True RMS digital multimeter from Extech. It’s an instrument with almost all necessary facilities required by a professional electrician. Its basic accuracy is ±0.3% is quite good for an electrical technician. It has a nice outlook and handy size for holding comfortably in one hand. The display is sufficiently big (1 inch) and provided with backlight for easily catching the measured value.


It measures AC and DC voltages and currents; resistance and capacitance measuring facilities are also there on it. Furthermore, the EX430 possesses the functions to measure frequency, temperature, and duty cycle. You can test diodes and continuity also with this DMM.

Ranges available

This meter can measure AC voltage over the range 0.1mV to 750V, while DC voltage range is 0.1mV to 1000V. Current measuring ranges for both AC and DC are the same and it’s from 0.1µA to 20.0A. This is quite good a range for most of the purposes of an electrician. With an Ex430 you’ll have a very wide range in resistance measurement; this is from 0.1Ω to 40.0MΩ.

You know this instrument measures capacitance also and the range present for this measurement is 0.1nF to 100µF. The range is alright for most of domestic and industrial maintenance needs. Frequency measurement is another aspect of the handy tool. You can measure frequencies from 0.001Hz to 10MHz with it.

When you measure a duty cycle on this instrument, you get ranges from 0.1% to 99.9%. Ex430 provides you temperature measuring scope of up to 1382°F and a minimum of -4°F. In other words it’s -20 to 750°C.


Ex430 digital multimeter presents a good overall feature set.

  • True RMS value measurement
  • Auto ranging
  • Input fuse protection
  • Wrong connection warning
  • Data hold
  • Auto power off
  • Tilt stand, Protective holster, and Velcro hanger
  • Built in K-type thermocouple
  • 3 years warranty

So you may decide on an Extech EX430 DMM for your professional life as an electrical technician. It can be said confidently that this instrument will not disappoint.

Price: $64.84

Fluke 177 ESFP

Fluke 177 ESFP

The Fluke 177 is a true RMS digital multimeter. Comparatively it is a simpler multimeter that provides priority functions in a better and efficient way. AC/DC voltages, currents and resistance measurements are the major functions it acts on. In addition it tests continuity, and diodes. Frequency and capacitance measurement are also included in its functions. Like other fluke meters it’s sturdily built and protected by an integrated holster. It looks great and is easy to use.


The Fluke 177 ESFP has distinct advantageous features over equivalent meters.

  • 4-Language interface (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese)
  • True RMS value from even distorted wave shapes
  • Digital display and analog graphics
  • Basic accuracy ±0.09%
  • Auto/Manual range selection
  • Easy battery change
  • Calibration from front panel

Most of the common meters measure accurate RMS value from pure sine waves. But in reality a pure sine wave does not always appear. This instrument works out any distorted wave form and finds out an accurate RMS result from it. The true RMS converter of this meter can work out even 5% of range voltage as a minimum and 100% of range as a maximum. This is true for current measurement also. In smoothing mode this DMM provides steady result from a rapid changing and noisy input. The bar graph here updates 40 times every second. So it helps to adjust peak value and null. A Min Max mode of the tool catches minimum and maximum values of the variable and calculates average continuously. A new high or low value is beeped for the user.

The battery compartment is easily accessible without opening the case. So you can change the battery keeping internal parts and wiring undisturbed. Recalibration of the instrument is also simple and is done from the front panel.

The package

The package contains the meter, a 9V battery, test leads, and a user’s manual. As an option you may have a temperature probe of range up to 260°C. So you get the scope of temperature measurement also on the DMM.

The multimeter fulfills the safety categories of CAT III (1000V) and CAT IV (600V). Its measuring speed is just double of the equivalent meters. It’s very convenient and easy even for a novice to become accustomed to use. At the same time it’s reliable for all round use to an advanced electrician. Hence being either an amateur or a professional electrician, your may safely go with a Fluke 177 ESFP.

Sinometer MAS345 Review

Sinometer MAS345 Review

The Sinometer MAS345 is a digital multimeter with a computer interface included. This instrument is designed to accommodate all common functions of a DMM. It measures voltage and ampere of both AC and DC categories. It finds resistance in ohms. In addition to those it measures capacitance and temperature. It works for testing diodes, transistors and circuit continuity also. The brilliant extra feature is its computer interface function. So you get the scope to store and analyze the measured data on your PC.

Functions and Ranges

AC voltage ranges available on the DMM are 4, 40, 400 and 750V. Accuracy variation is from 1.2% to 1.5%. DC voltage has some similar ranges except the top one. It’s here 1000V. DC voltage measurement presents better accuracies that run from 0.5% to 0.8% only. Another vital function is ampere measurement. You may have 3 ranges in measuring both AC and DC currents. The spans are 4mA, 400mA and 10A. Accuracies here also mimic voltage measurement, which is a bit better in DC than in AC.

This multimeter can measure ohms in six ranges, starting from 400 ohms and finishing at 40Mohms. Accuracy for first five ranges is 1.2% and that for the last one is 3%. Your capacitance measuring tool has got two ranges and its correctness swings between ± 4.0%. You can measure a temperature as high as 750°C with this tool at an accuracy of 3.0%. The meter MAS345 is able to test continuity with buzzer signal. It can test diodes and transistors also.


This DMM MAS345 has the features outlined below:

  • Auto range selection
  • Overload indication and protection
  • Conformity with IEC 1010 standard
  • PC-interfaced
  • 1 month money return guarantee and 1 year warranty

This electronic tool serves your most of the testing and measuring purposes with acceptable accuracy. It looks great in an all black design. The package contains the instrument, test leads, software CD-ROM, RS232 cable and instruction manual. You may grab one for your everyday use, as the price is also within reach of most potential users.

Sinometer MS8269 Review

Sinometer MS8269 Review

The Sinometer MS8269 is a 31 range multimeter. Obviously it’s designed to measure and test almost all the variables and parameters an electrical technician requires to detect. This DMM may be said to be a good enough instrument for odd jobs and field works. But it’s not designed for precision jobs. So you shouldn’t expect that degree of accuracy from it.

This meter is prepared for measurements of V AC/DC, A AC/DC and ohms, each of these variables in more than one range. Further to these, the instrument measures capacitance and inductance. You can measure temperature up to certain level with this tool. Undoubtedly inductance measurement is something new for a multimeter of this price. It may help you in the field work. The MS8269 may be used to test diodes, transistors and continuity. You’ll find audible signal also for continuity.

The Ranges

The instrument provides 4 ranges in AC voltage and 5 ranges in dc voltage measurement. AC voltage ranges are 2, 20, 200 and 750 V and DC voltages are 200mV, 2, 20, 200, 1000V. Current measurement is rather limited to two ranges both in AC and DC. These are 200mA and 10A. This seems to be alright for field use.

Resistance measurement is lavishly designed for 6 ranges. These start at 200Ω and terminate at 20MΩ. You can measure capacitances in 4 ranges which are distributed between 20nF and 200µF. Similar the case of inductance measurement. You get 4 ranges here that start from 20mH and ends at 20H.


The Mastech MS8269 is prepared with several advantageous features, including the following:

  • Cat II and Cat III  safety class
  • Display hold option
  •  Resettable over range protection
  • Auto Power off
  • Separate plug in port for Temp. and hFE
  • Strong long lasting case

The meter is supplied with test leads, a 9V battery and temperature probe fixer. One year warranty is is also included with the DMM from the manufacturer. Considering all the features and functions you may choose this for field and industrial use.

Price: $34.98

Equus 3310 Review

Equus 3310 Review

The Equus 3310 multimeter is called a hands free meter as it’s fitted with a wrist band to attach it with the user’s wrist. It’s a light weight, handy instrument that covers most of the functions necessary to diagnose automotive and house hold electrical faults efficiently. Above all it’s very cheap!


The DMM Equus 3310 has limited functions to perform. But it does these at dependable accuracies. Its 10MΩ internal impedance safe guards the sensitive electronic parts from damage during testing. The functions it’s designed for are here below:

  • DC voltage
  • AC voltage
  • DC Ampere
  • Ohms
  • Battery voltage
  • Diode and continuity test

In DC voltage measurement you would get four ranges starting with 200mV and ending at 500V. In measuring AC voltage you have two ranges only, 200 and 500V. DC ampere you can measure in four ranges. These are 2, 20, 200mA and 10A. Resistance measurement ranges are four in number. 200, 2k, 200k, and 20MΩ are the ranges available on the instrument. Battery testing facility is for 1.5, 6, 9, and 12 volt batteries. Thus you may test almost all batteries of our everyday life, even when these are in use. Continuity test provides an audible signal.


  • 10MΩ input impedance
  • Wrist band
  • Test lead holders
  • Corner protection pads
  • Auto power off

High internal impedance of the instrument ensures correct voltage measurement and safe testing for sensitive electronic elements. The wrist band provides you the hands-free testing ability. Test lead holders have some utility while the meter is not in operation. The protection pads are strong enough to protect the tool in case of accidental fall.

Auto power off preserves the battery life when you forget to switch it off. This happens frequently by many people. The test leads and their insulation seems to be a bit weaker than they should be. Otherwise it’s a DMM that offers you much more than the price it demands. So you may choose this tool without any hesitation for most of your everyday purposes.

OTC 3908 AMP (Clamp DMM)

OTC 3908 AMP (Clamp DMM)

OTC’s 3908 AMP clamp multimeter was basically designed to measure current accurately. Now it is equipped with all basic functions of a multimeter. Its colorful front is different and gives it a toy-like appearance. An eccentric meet of jaws has given it a funny look which rarely goes with a useful instrument. However, it has all fundamental functions of an Auto electrician’s need.


As a clamp meter OTC 3908 AMP enables you to measure current most conveniently. Due to the presence of the clamps it’s very simple to measure starting and charging currents in an automobile. Voltage and other parameters vital for automotive diagnosis are possible to measure with this meter. This DMM measures Duty cycle, Resistance, Capacitance, frequency and temperature. Moreover it’s capable to test diodes and continuity. It may be termed as an all in one measuring tool for automotives.


This instrument has got some really useful features to mention. These are appended below:

  • Auto/Manual Range selection
  • Automatic zero adjustment
  • Over range indication
  • Low battery symbol
  • Data hold option
  • Max. allowable voltage AC/DC 600V
  • Max Allowable current AC/DC 1000A
  • Automatic reverse polarity indication
  • Auto power off

Hence as an automotive technician you may select this meter for your job. It won’t frustrate you in service. The package includes the DMM, Test leads, temperature probe, soft case to carry and a 9V battery. It may be the right choice for you at the price.

Price: $103.54

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