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Fluke 77-4 Automotive

Fluke 77-4 Automotive

The Fluke 77-4 (or 77-IV) is simply a yet-again-improved model in the Fluke 70 series instruments. Fluke 77-4 manages most industrial needs of electrical and electronic testing. The term ‘automotive’ in its title is really quite superfluous information, since this is just one of the many potential uses for this meter. Like any other Fluke item it’s well built and looks nice.  At the same time you can hold it comfortably. The screen is big and brightly lit for easy monitoring in low light corners.

Functions available

Fluke 77-4 measures and tests all common variables in electrical and electronic concern. Voltage measurement is wide enough, from 1 mV to 1000 V for DC and AC. Current range is 10 A in both cases. Resistance and capacitance ranges are similarly broad enough to serve most of the purposes of a professional electrician. One must agree that 50 MΩ and 9999 µF are sufficient for most of the measurements.

Well, milliampere measurement for AC and DC is also present in the meter. A beeper is incorporated to indicate continuity and diode test result.

Salient Features

The following features differentiate this instrument from equivalent meters of other brands.

  • Big display with backlit
  • Records Min and Max
  • Auto and manual range selection
  • Safety Classes of CAT III and CAT IV are met
  • Ergonomic outer casing
  • Hands are free with a magnetic hanger (optional)
  • Indicates over range and wrong lead connection, better safety

This DMM is sold as an automotive instrument, but it is also a general purpose multimeter for field and shop use. It meets almost all requirements of a professional user. At the same time it’s quite safe for the amateur who requires a top-quality device.

Price: $289.99

ADM5201 Automotive Digital Multimeter

ADM5201 Automotive Digital Multimeter

The ADM5201 is a combination of conventional multimeter and an automotive diagnostic instrument. It’s a hand held meter having a wide screen with multiple display capabilities at a time. You can dissolve any electrical and electronic problem of today’s complicated automobile circuitry very easily with this tool. Its deep yellow face with contrasted grey outline has given an impressive look. But the wavy design on the two sides at the same time creates a slightly childish profile. However, it seems to be rugged in construction.

Multimeter Functions

This meter presents voltage and ampere measurement facility for both AC and DC systems. It also measures frequency, temperature, and RPM. You can measure resistance with it and testing of diodes is also possible on this DMM. So it’s almost a full-function multimeter.

Automotive Functions

This automotive diagnostic tool helps you to face and fix circuit problems of new cars. It’s said that, electrical system of today’s cars is more sophisticated than those of eighty’s aircrafts. This is true. So this is really challenging to sort out the problems in such a complicated system. This automotive DMM empowers you to face the challenge.

ADM5201 is an O2 tester on one side and you can test fuel injection of PFI and TBI systems on the other. It provides fast and correct information regarding problems in the total O2 circuit. The ADM is capable to transmit rich/lean signal to the ECM.  It displays crossing rate (CC) and at the same time O2 voltage while the second display indicates the test results.

You may check ground, battery charging and the alternator with the ADM. Drainage of battery charge is also detectable with it. You can measure MS-pulse width on the instrument. The DMM is capable to test health of air control motors and transmission controllers. In fact this tool can help you to diagnose 1 to 12 cylinder engines

A large LCD display with bright backlight enables you to see the results easily even in a poorly illuminated area. You can calibrate the meter through the port RS232 without opening the case. The ADM5201 has a lot of convenient features in its account. Some of them are:

•    1 ms peak mode
•    Memory store up to 20 locations
•    Auto power off
•    Accurate RPM detection with 4 step triggering
•    Temperature measurement up to 1300°C
•    Dual display  and bar graph

Hence as an automobile electrician you may want to consider this DMM. The instrument has a good overall feature set for automotive diagnosis.

Equus 3310 Review

Equus 3310 Review

The Equus 3310 multimeter is called a hands free meter as it’s fitted with a wrist band to attach it with the user’s wrist. It’s a light weight, handy instrument that covers most of the functions necessary to diagnose automotive and house hold electrical faults efficiently. Above all it’s very cheap!


The DMM Equus 3310 has limited functions to perform. But it does these at dependable accuracies. Its 10MΩ internal impedance safe guards the sensitive electronic parts from damage during testing. The functions it’s designed for are here below:

  • DC voltage
  • AC voltage
  • DC Ampere
  • Ohms
  • Battery voltage
  • Diode and continuity test

In DC voltage measurement you would get four ranges starting with 200mV and ending at 500V. In measuring AC voltage you have two ranges only, 200 and 500V. DC ampere you can measure in four ranges. These are 2, 20, 200mA and 10A. Resistance measurement ranges are four in number. 200, 2k, 200k, and 20MΩ are the ranges available on the instrument. Battery testing facility is for 1.5, 6, 9, and 12 volt batteries. Thus you may test almost all batteries of our everyday life, even when these are in use. Continuity test provides an audible signal.


  • 10MΩ input impedance
  • Wrist band
  • Test lead holders
  • Corner protection pads
  • Auto power off

High internal impedance of the instrument ensures correct voltage measurement and safe testing for sensitive electronic elements. The wrist band provides you the hands-free testing ability. Test lead holders have some utility while the meter is not in operation. The protection pads are strong enough to protect the tool in case of accidental fall.

Auto power off preserves the battery life when you forget to switch it off. This happens frequently by many people. The test leads and their insulation seems to be a bit weaker than they should be. Otherwise it’s a DMM that offers you much more than the price it demands. So you may choose this tool without any hesitation for most of your everyday purposes.

OTC 3908 AMP (Clamp DMM)

OTC 3908 AMP (Clamp DMM)

OTC’s 3908 AMP clamp multimeter was basically designed to measure current accurately. Now it is equipped with all basic functions of a multimeter. Its colorful front is different and gives it a toy-like appearance. An eccentric meet of jaws has given it a funny look which rarely goes with a useful instrument. However, it has all fundamental functions of an Auto electrician’s need.


As a clamp meter OTC 3908 AMP enables you to measure current most conveniently. Due to the presence of the clamps it’s very simple to measure starting and charging currents in an automobile. Voltage and other parameters vital for automotive diagnosis are possible to measure with this meter. This DMM measures Duty cycle, Resistance, Capacitance, frequency and temperature. Moreover it’s capable to test diodes and continuity. It may be termed as an all in one measuring tool for automotives.


This instrument has got some really useful features to mention. These are appended below:

  • Auto/Manual Range selection
  • Automatic zero adjustment
  • Over range indication
  • Low battery symbol
  • Data hold option
  • Max. allowable voltage AC/DC 600V
  • Max Allowable current AC/DC 1000A
  • Automatic reverse polarity indication
  • Auto power off

Hence as an automotive technician you may select this meter for your job. It won’t frustrate you in service. The package includes the DMM, Test leads, temperature probe, soft case to carry and a 9V battery. It may be the right choice for you at the price.

Price: $103.54

Fluke 88V Review

Fluke 88V Review

Fluke 88V is a deluxe automotive multimeter. It carries all the functions of a normal DMM. In addition, it has almost all functions necessary to diagnose faults in conventional and hybrid cars. It’s really pleasant in size, shape and appearance.

Advanced functions

Additional functions provided by a Fluke 88V are Conductance, Duty cycle, Frequency and Pulse width. Normal functions of DC/AC voltage, Current, Resistance and continuity are also handled more accurately and efficiently by this meter. As this instrument has advanced properties, it’s possible to use in a high energy environment of hybrid cars.

For a vehicle, the fuel injector is vital and needs attention from time to time. To ascertain the health of an injector you have to measure signal pulse width and the Fluke 88V is the right tool for the purpose. Automotive diagnosis needs to measure frequency and duty cycle. This is the DMM you will get dependable result from. Diode test is another frequently required job for an auto mechanic. You may be certain about any diode with an 88V.

The 88V meter provides conductance measuring and measures the variable with an accuracy of ±1.0% and maximum conductance is 60.00 nS that can be measured.

Standard Functions

This instrument’s current tolerance is 20A for short period and 10A for continuous operation. So you can briefly measure a current of 20A with it.

AC and DC voltages as high as 1000V may be safely measured with the meter. You’ll get an accuracy of ±0.1 to ±0.5%.

This electronic tool facilitates measuring resistance and capacitance up to a high range. 50MΩ and 9999 µF are the limits. Accuracies are ±0.4% and ±1.0% respectively.

Temperature measurement is simplified by this DMM. With the help of a suitable probe you can measure temperatures of surface, immersion and air. You may receive a temperature reading both in °C and °F. Fluke 88V is perhaps the best automotive multimeter from Fluke.


The major features of a Fluke 88V are:

  • Pulse width in milliseconds
  • Max/Min/Average record with alarm for Max/Min
  • Transient for 250µs
  • Relative mode for low resistance measurement
  • Auto hold
  • Input Alert for wrong jack position
  • Limited Lifetime warranty

If you are a professional in Automotive Electricity, the Fluke 88V won’t disappoint.

OTC 3910 55 Series

OTC 3910 55 Series

OTC 3910 55 is a digital tool with all basic functions present at an economic price. An electrician would find almost all his measurement and testing problems resolved with it. It also contains a good range of Automotive testing functions.

This instrument has auto and manual range setting provisions. You can test a diode’s wellness with it. It gives warning on detecting continuity between the two points under test.

Data holding of a test result is possible on it and from a fluctuating result the maximum value is detected by this meter.

You get the facility of measuring temperature on an OTC 3910 55 instrument. It’s a good multimeter with almost all functions necessary for an Auto Electrician at a very advantageous price

Price: $50.99

OTC 3505A 100 Series

OTC 3505A 100 Series

OTC 3505A 100 is the latest version multimeter from this manufacturer intended to be used mainly for automotive testing purposes. It has advantageous features like auto ranging. So the user doesn’t have to think much about the setting of correct range.

It has been equipped with all normal testing facilities of a common multimeter. Moreover this tool is provided with a lot of new features for troubleshooting of an automobile. Specific automotive test functions have enabled it to become a preferred tool for an automobile engineer and an auto electrician.

It has features like Auto/Manual range selection, resistance, continuity, diode and capacitance testing provision, RPM measurement, Temperature measurement in both degree F and degree C. For automobiles it presents Millisecond pulse width and Peak voltage measurement of Fuel Injectors, Duty cycle and Frequency measurement, Dwell measurement, Cross count of Oxygen and relative measurement.

It can measure a very low resistance correctly even subtracting the lead resistance of the meter. This instrument has got data recording option for facilitating a fluctuating parameter to measure. It holds a measured value by the push of a button. OTC 3505A 100 series has a capacity to measure up to  10 amperes directly through it and for further higher currents it is supplied with inductive clampers. This instrument has Automatic power off feature on it but this can be disabled if you like to.

Its RPM measurement probe and temperature measuring thermocouple is supplied along with the instrument. So it can be said that it’s an all-in-one equipment to detect faults in vehicles. Moreover, it provides a lot of information for an electrical engineer or an electrician.

Price: $177.74

Equus 4320

Equus 4320

Equus 4320 is a smart looking instrument. It’s very small and handy. But still the display is quite big and easy to see. Its colorful front has given it a somewhat childish appearance.

A 4320 has a 10M Ohm circuitry which provides better protection against inadvertent damage of sensitive electronic parts of an automobile from its use on them.

It has two test lead holders that keep the lead wires in proper alignment and you can use the instrument very promptly. You can use the instrument in a hands free position.

It’s useable for detection of faults in automotive circuits, charging systems and wirings. At the same time you can test battery voltages of cars and electrical components for ascertaining their healthiness.

If you have a hobby of electronics you may choose this multimeter for yourself. For domestic use it’s quite  alright. You can measure the wall outlet voltage and common purpose battery voltages with it. You are enabled to test fuses and cut outs with an Equus 4320.

An easy to understand instruction leaflet in English, French and Spanish is included with it for the users. So you can select this model depending on your purpose and budget.

Equus 3340 Review

Equus 3340 Review

The Equus 3340 is the most full-featured option in the Innova series automotive multimeters. It picks up the torch from the Equus 3320 and adds a considerable amount of added functionality to the mix. Continue reading “Equus 3340 Review” »

Price: $67.40

Equus 3320 Review (Auto-Ranging, Digital)

Equus 3320 Review (Auto-Ranging, Digital)

The Equus 3320 is an entry-level affordable multimeter, primarily intended for automotive use. It’s key benefit is that it’s auto-ranging, which is a feature you rarely see in products in this price range. At this writing the 3320 is a bestseller on in the automotive category because it is selling for nearly half the list price.

It also works will as a general-purpose instrument although it does have its limitations; it takes a while for it to stabilize and find the correct range, and for AC power it is limited to 200mA. The build quality is also somewhat lacking compared to high-end devices like the Fluke 87-5, but I suppose it’s hard to complain considering that the latter is a professional-grade product, while the Equus 3320 is targeting hobbyists.

For DIY work around the house, basic work with electronics and for the amateur auto mechanic, it is nevertheless amazing to find a feature like auto-ranging in a product this affordable. After all, having to turn the dial to get the correct range is something that is especially useful for less experienced users. Many users tend to overlook this, hence causing them to get an incorrect reading.

Price: $19.99

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