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Fieldpiece SC53 (Clamp, Dual Display)

Fieldpiece SC53 (Clamp, Dual Display)

In a single meter you’ll have two readings of ampere and volts on the SC53. One display is dedicated to ampere and the other you can choose yourself. Non-contact voltage measurement is of course a vital advantage of this DMM. While you are measuring a current with this instrument, you can simultaneously measure another parameter like capacitance, resistance, voltage or temperature. So you get the work done faster.


In addition to voltage, current and resistance, the SC53 measures capacitance and temperature. Voltage ranges available here are 4, 40, 400 and 600 volts. This is true for both AC and DC systems. The accuracy level for DC voltage is ±.5%. This is a bit worse for AC.

Ampere ranges measurable with the meter are 40 and 400A and accuracy is ±2.0%.  Capacitor measuring ranges are 4, 40, 400µF, 4mF and correctness is varied by ±3.0%. The SC53 measures temperature up to a maximum value of 400°F and its accurate by ±1.0%.

You can test continuity of a circuit as well with this meter. A beeper is there to indicate a maximum of 25Ω path resistance.


The DMM SC53 has quite a lot of advantages over competitors’ equivalent clamp meters, including the most obvious:

  • Dual display
  • Non-contact voltage (NCV) function
  • Direct AC ampere (400A) measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Typical jaw to operate with one hand
  • Data hold function

The Package

The package with Fieldpiece SC53 contains the clamp meter, vinyl test leads, 3 lithium-ion batteries, operating manual and a carrying case ANC4. So you can start working immediate after you receive the consignment. An NCV function alerts you before you go in contact with a live circuit. Above all, this Clamp meter is designed with better safety features for field use and it should be highly convenient to use in the field. Even a novice should be able to use it safely.

OTC 3908 AMP (Clamp DMM)

OTC 3908 AMP (Clamp DMM)

OTC’s 3908 AMP clamp multimeter was basically designed to measure current accurately. Now it is equipped with all basic functions of a multimeter. Its colorful front is different and gives it a toy-like appearance. An eccentric meet of jaws has given it a funny look which rarely goes with a useful instrument. However, it has all fundamental functions of an Auto electrician’s need.


As a clamp meter OTC 3908 AMP enables you to measure current most conveniently. Due to the presence of the clamps it’s very simple to measure starting and charging currents in an automobile. Voltage and other parameters vital for automotive diagnosis are possible to measure with this meter. This DMM measures Duty cycle, Resistance, Capacitance, frequency and temperature. Moreover it’s capable to test diodes and continuity. It may be termed as an all in one measuring tool for automotives.


This instrument has got some really useful features to mention. These are appended below:

  • Auto/Manual Range selection
  • Automatic zero adjustment
  • Over range indication
  • Low battery symbol
  • Data hold option
  • Max. allowable voltage AC/DC 600V
  • Max Allowable current AC/DC 1000A
  • Automatic reverse polarity indication
  • Auto power off

Hence as an automotive technician you may select this meter for your job. It won’t frustrate you in service. The package includes the DMM, Test leads, temperature probe, soft case to carry and a 9V battery. It may be the right choice for you at the price.

Price: $103.54

MS2138R Review – Sinometer/Mastech Clamp DMM

MS2138R Review - Sinometer/Mastech Clamp DMM

The MS2138R is a digital AC/DC clamp multimeter. It’s a True RMS multimeter that measures correct RMS values of AC voltage and currents. The specialty of this instrument is the Clamp, with a big ‘C’. It enables you to measure current without direct contact. However, for measuring voltage and resistance you have to make contact with the test leads to the point of measurement.

This instrument comes with all the common functions of a multimeter; It measures AC and DC voltages and AC/DC currents. It measures resistance and tests continuity. You can test diodes on it. For frequency measurement it is also good to go. The AC voltage ranges available here are 4V, 40V, 400V, and 700V. Accuracy is good enough for maintenance purposes. It’s ± 1.0% to ± 1.2%. DC voltage ranges you have here are 4V, 40V, 400V, and 1000V. Accuracies are still better than AC voltage. These are ±0.8% and ± 1.0% for DC.

AC current measuring ranges on this meter are 400A and 1000A. Up to 600A the accuracy is ±2.5% and beyond that it’s ±3.0%. This meter measures DC current in the same two ranges and accuracy is ±3.0% all over the ranges. Resistance measurement with this digital tool has a wider flexibility of ranges. These are 400, 4k, 40k, 400k, 4M and 40MΩ. The highest range has an accuracy of ±2.0% while other ranges have somewhat better accuracy, it’s ±1.0%.

The Sinometer/Mastech MS2138R clamp multimeter has a few advantageous features. These are presented below:

  • Large LCD with backlighting
  • Max cable diameter for the clamp, 42mm
  • Auto /Manual setting of range
  • Max/Min function
  • True RMS values for voltage and current
  • Clamp jaw light
  • Auto power off

Hence it’s a multimeter with most of the functions an electrician requires. It is good enough for professional purposes as well as hobbyist/DIY purposes. A small complaint is that sometimes it will show a zero on this meter for current measurement. This may be overcome by subtracting initial deviation from the display. After all it’s a nice multifunction tool for the price.

Price: $74.90

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