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Extech EX505-K Industrial MultiMeter

Extech EX505-K Industrial MultiMeter

Ex 505-K is a digital multimeter kit designed for industrial use. The double molded outer shell of the meter makes it water protected and drop proof. It carries all necessary functions required by an industrial electrician. K-type temperature element is also included in the DMM.

Functions available

The Ex505 is a true RMS instrument. A high contrast backlit display enables you to read a measurement anywhere in an industrial environment. Voltage range for both AC and DC is 1000 and current ranges are 10 A in either case.

The meter measures resistance up to 40 MΩ and capacitance range is 200µF. Measuring range of frequency is 10 MHz. Temperature as high as 1382°F is possible to measure with the DMM. You can test continuity and diode on this instrument. Basic accuracy is 0.5%.

The Kit

The instrument kit contains the following:

  • CAT IV 600V safety grade heavy duty multimeter
  • DV 25 model dual range AC voltage detector
  • TL 808 CAT III 1000 V test lead kit ( 8 pieces)
  • Heavy duty test leads
  • Type K thermocouple and connection adaptor
  • Magnetic hanger for hands free operation
  • Soft case to accommodate all the items

So you basically have all the accessories for electrical and electronic testing and measurement in a well organized manner in the nice, soft case.


The rugged design and IP 67 class of the DMM makes it water proof and drop proof (2 meters). This True RMS multimeter is very suitable for industrial use. Relative mode is present and data hold and auto power off features of the meter are of course also advantageous. The handy size and light weight (360g) of the meter makes it super value for the money.

Price: $100.79

Fluke 289 Industrial Logging Multimeter

Fluke 289 Industrial Logging Multimeter

The new Fluke 289 may be termed a next-generation, True RMS industrial multimeter with unique diagnostics abilities. It’s designed to work out complicated problems in your electronic or automation systems, and also in power distribution and electromechanical equipment.

Specialties of the Fluke 289

You can log data and analyze it graphically on a 289. While you are busy with other work your 289 can log on and record data as your watch dog.

The Fluke 289 and FlukeView combo kit makes it a powerful instrument for monitoring and diagnosis. You can feed data from six meters or from six time periods at a time on this meter that helps to find cause and effect relationship of a fault. FVF software enables you to do this job more efficiently.

The above combination can convert mere data into workable and result-oriented graphs and tables. You’ll have very good prediction about the trend of fault and preventive maintenance can be planned so easily! Thus reduction of down time and potentially greatly improved productivity may be achieved.

Functions and Features

The instrument displays quite large digits with white backlight. Its functions include all common electrical phenomenons. In addition it measures temperature and very low resistance. The meter provides multiple display facility. LoZ volts function ensures removal of any ghost voltage from the display. Due to the presence of a Low pass filter you can even measure frequency voltage of electrically noisy equipments accurately.

On the instrument you can name and recall the data saved from field. During temperature measurement you can choose units either in C or F. This multimeter has a relative mode function that automatically deducts the lead resistance from the measured value for accuracy.

Fluke’s 289 can store up to 10,000 readings at a time and able to produce graphic representation without a PC even. Yes, this instrument is compatible with a PC and you can have the software and inter-connector as an optional item.

The Package

The DMM includes an instruction manual, silicone test leads, crocodile clips, the batteries and the CD (manual in 16 languages). As optional items you may have USB connector for PC and the software, a soft carrying case and a magnetic hanger.

Logging of a system or a process for a maximum of 200 hours is possible on this instrument. Thus you can have a characteristic report about the process. In conclusion, the Instrument is very correctly named as an ‘Industrial Logging Multimeter with Trend Capture’.

Price: $495.00

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