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Fluke 289 Industrial Logging Multimeter

Fluke 289 Industrial Logging Multimeter

The new Fluke 289 may be termed a next-generation, True RMS industrial multimeter with unique diagnostics abilities. It’s designed to work out complicated problems in your electronic or automation systems, and also in power distribution and electromechanical equipment.

Specialties of the Fluke 289

You can log data and analyze it graphically on a 289. While you are busy with other work your 289 can log on and record data as your watch dog.

The Fluke 289 and FlukeView combo kit makes it a powerful instrument for monitoring and diagnosis. You can feed data from six meters or from six time periods at a time on this meter that helps to find cause and effect relationship of a fault. FVF software enables you to do this job more efficiently.

The above combination can convert mere data into workable and result-oriented graphs and tables. You’ll have very good prediction about the trend of fault and preventive maintenance can be planned so easily! Thus reduction of down time and potentially greatly improved productivity may be achieved.

Functions and Features

The instrument displays quite large digits with white backlight. Its functions include all common electrical phenomenons. In addition it measures temperature and very low resistance. The meter provides multiple display facility. LoZ volts function ensures removal of any ghost voltage from the display. Due to the presence of a Low pass filter you can even measure frequency voltage of electrically noisy equipments accurately.

On the instrument you can name and recall the data saved from field. During temperature measurement you can choose units either in C or F. This multimeter has a relative mode function that automatically deducts the lead resistance from the measured value for accuracy.

Fluke’s 289 can store up to 10,000 readings at a time and able to produce graphic representation without a PC even. Yes, this instrument is compatible with a PC and you can have the software and inter-connector as an optional item.

The Package

The DMM includes an instruction manual, silicone test leads, crocodile clips, the batteries and the CD (manual in 16 languages). As optional items you may have USB connector for PC and the software, a soft carrying case and a magnetic hanger.

Logging of a system or a process for a maximum of 200 hours is possible on this instrument. Thus you can have a characteristic report about the process. In conclusion, the Instrument is very correctly named as an ‘Industrial Logging Multimeter with Trend Capture’.

Price: $480.00

Extech EX430 True RMS DMM

Extech EX430 True RMS DMM

The EX430 is a True RMS digital multimeter from Extech. It’s an instrument with almost all necessary facilities required by a professional electrician. Its basic accuracy is ±0.3% is quite good for an electrical technician. It has a nice outlook and handy size for holding comfortably in one hand. The display is sufficiently big (1 inch) and provided with backlight for easily catching the measured value.


It measures AC and DC voltages and currents; resistance and capacitance measuring facilities are also there on it. Furthermore, the EX430 possesses the functions to measure frequency, temperature, and duty cycle. You can test diodes and continuity also with this DMM.

Ranges available

This meter can measure AC voltage over the range 0.1mV to 750V, while DC voltage range is 0.1mV to 1000V. Current measuring ranges for both AC and DC are the same and it’s from 0.1µA to 20.0A. This is quite good a range for most of the purposes of an electrician. With an Ex430 you’ll have a very wide range in resistance measurement; this is from 0.1Ω to 40.0MΩ.

You know this instrument measures capacitance also and the range present for this measurement is 0.1nF to 100µF. The range is alright for most of domestic and industrial maintenance needs. Frequency measurement is another aspect of the handy tool. You can measure frequencies from 0.001Hz to 10MHz with it.

When you measure a duty cycle on this instrument, you get ranges from 0.1% to 99.9%. Ex430 provides you temperature measuring scope of up to 1382°F and a minimum of -4°F. In other words it’s -20 to 750°C.


Ex430 digital multimeter presents a good overall feature set.

  • True RMS value measurement
  • Auto ranging
  • Input fuse protection
  • Wrong connection warning
  • Data hold
  • Auto power off
  • Tilt stand, Protective holster, and Velcro hanger
  • Built in K-type thermocouple
  • 3 years warranty

So you may decide on an Extech EX430 DMM for your professional life as an electrical technician. It can be said confidently that this instrument will not disappoint.

Price: $60.24

Fluke 177 ESFP

Fluke 177 ESFP

The Fluke 177 is a true RMS digital multimeter. Comparatively it is a simpler multimeter that provides priority functions in a better and efficient way. AC/DC voltages, currents and resistance measurements are the major functions it acts on. In addition it tests continuity, and diodes. Frequency and capacitance measurement are also included in its functions. Like other fluke meters it’s sturdily built and protected by an integrated holster. It looks great and is easy to use.


The Fluke 177 ESFP has distinct advantageous features over equivalent meters.

  • 4-Language interface (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese)
  • True RMS value from even distorted wave shapes
  • Digital display and analog graphics
  • Basic accuracy ±0.09%
  • Auto/Manual range selection
  • Easy battery change
  • Calibration from front panel

Most of the common meters measure accurate RMS value from pure sine waves. But in reality a pure sine wave does not always appear. This instrument works out any distorted wave form and finds out an accurate RMS result from it. The true RMS converter of this meter can work out even 5% of range voltage as a minimum and 100% of range as a maximum. This is true for current measurement also. In smoothing mode this DMM provides steady result from a rapid changing and noisy input. The bar graph here updates 40 times every second. So it helps to adjust peak value and null. A Min Max mode of the tool catches minimum and maximum values of the variable and calculates average continuously. A new high or low value is beeped for the user.

The battery compartment is easily accessible without opening the case. So you can change the battery keeping internal parts and wiring undisturbed. Recalibration of the instrument is also simple and is done from the front panel.

The package

The package contains the meter, a 9V battery, test leads, and a user’s manual. As an option you may have a temperature probe of range up to 260°C. So you get the scope of temperature measurement also on the DMM.

The multimeter fulfills the safety categories of CAT III (1000V) and CAT IV (600V). Its measuring speed is just double of the equivalent meters. It’s very convenient and easy even for a novice to become accustomed to use. At the same time it’s reliable for all round use to an advanced electrician. Hence being either an amateur or a professional electrician, your may safely go with a Fluke 177 ESFP.

Fluke 117 Review

Fluke 117 Review

The Fluke 117 is a compact digital instrument with some distinct advantageous features for commercial use. It’s a true RMS multimeter. Other than voltage, current and resistance it can measure capacitance and frequency. You can test the condition of a diode and verify the continuity of a current path with it.


This DMM measures DC voltages as low as mV. The exact range is 600mV. Voltage ranges are 6, 60, and 600V. The accuracy of the meter is ± 0.5% for all the ranges which is quite good for any maintenance work. In measuring AC voltages this instrument provides same ranges as DC, but the accuracy is a bit lower. It’s ± 1.0% for 45 to 500Hz and ± 2.0% for higher frequencies. This tool has a feature of Auto volts which measures the voltage in 600 V range and it’s correct up to ± 2.0% and ± 4.0% at lower and higher frequencies respectively.

Resistance measurement is another vital function of a multimeter. This instrument can measure resistances in six ranges. Starting from 600Ω the ranges end at 40MΩ. The accuracy at the highest range is only ± 5.0%. But it’s much better for other ranges (± 0.9%).

The DMM, as mentioned earlier can test a diode and path continuity. Diode test range is 2.0 V and correctness stands at ±0.9%. In continuity measurement you’ll get the beeper sound below 20 Ω and it stops at 250Ω. The meter is able to detect a short or open circuit that exists for just 500µs even.

As an electrical technician you obviously sometimes need to measure current through a circuit. This DMM provides you the ability to measure a current as high as 10A. It contains another lower range of 6A. This is true for both AC and DC currents. But the accuracy for DC current is ± 1.0%, while it’s ± 1.5% for AC. An overload of 20A is within tolerance of the meter for 30 seconds.

When you go to measure a capacitance, you’ll find 5 options to choose the range. The lowest one is 1000 nF and the highest one is 9999 µF. Deviation in result is ± 1.9% for 100 µF – 1000 µF span and ±5.0% for other ranges. The frequency of an AC voltage or current may be required to detect. Your F 117 is here to find it. This equipment has several ranges, starting from 50Hz it ends at 10 kHz. Accuracy is good enough, it’s ±0.1%.

Well, a Fluke 117 can measure Temperature also. You’ll need a temperature probe for that. Temperature in between -40°F and 752°F is possible to measure on this meter.


The salient features of the Fluke 117 are the following:

  • Non-contact voltage detection
  • Automatic AC/DC voltage selection
  • Prevents false reading from ghost voltage
  • Large LED display with white backlit
  • True RMS value for AC
  • Min/Max/Average for fluctuating signal
  • CAT III 600 V rated safety

For maintaining electricity and electrical equipment of a commercial buildings, hospitals or schools you can use a Fluke 117 comfortably. It will provide you all information to diagnose almost any problem.

Price: $156.40

Tekpower RS232 Review (True RMS, Auto/Manual DMM)

Tekpower RS232 Review (True RMS, Auto/Manual DMM)

The Tekpower RS232 has an interface to connect the digital multimeter to a personal computer. In fact, engineers and electricians sometimes need to save and analyze the information collected through a DMM. But the interface is not easily available. Tekpower has done it at a reasonable price. And at the same time it’s simple to use. You can connect through a USB port of your computer.

Tekpower markets the item along with its Multimeters TP 4000ZC and DT 9602R. These instruments are workable digital multimeters. Both have all the basic functions of a multimeter. In addition these provide Temperature, Capacitance, Frequency and Duty cycle measurement facilities. You may also check diodes and continuity with the instruments.

When you buy a TP4000ZC or DT9602R you get the following items:

  • The Multimeter
  • Test leads
  • PC RS232 interface, software included
  • K- type thermo probe
  • User manual

TP4000ZC is a multimeter with no backlit display. So it is difficult to see the test result in a low light area–particularly if you have poor eyesight already. The continuity buzzer is very low to be heard in a noisy area. Still you may find it alright for the price.

Hence you may find the RS232 a tempting option when browsing for a new DMM. It is also called a True RMS Multimeter. It contains all the features of a good multimeter. As an additional feature it has PC interface. So you can measure, you can record the test results for future reference and analyze the data collected. Well, this meter has backlit on the screen. You can easily see the data in darkness also.

The software for the interface is compatible with Windows XP and below. The interface has optical isolator for protection of your PC from a high voltage. The manufacturer provides 1 year warrantee for the instrument.

Price: $49.99

Fluke 113 Review

Fluke 113 Review

The new Fluke 113 — kid brother to the Fluke 114–is another True RMS Digital Multimeter from the famous brand. Like all other Fluke products it’s also well designed with impressive look, sturdy construction and comfort of gripping. It has all the basic functions an electrician expects from a multimeter. Moreover it has some special features as well.

Specialties of the Fluke 113

It’s a much improved design than equivalent items in market and even from earlier models of Fluke. Almost any problem an electrician faces and needs to diagnose, has a way out on the meter. You have a wonderful function like VCHECK LoZ on 113. It’s possible to measure a voltage and test for continuity at the same time with the function.

You can record the maximum value and the minimum of a fluctuating parameter by using function Min/Max. You have to test a diode, silicon, germanium or Power; you can do on this instrument.

Normal Functions

It measures AC/DC voltages. The highest voltage it can handle safely is 600 both in AC and DC. It conforms to safety category CAT III 600V and CAT IV 300V standards. You get accuracy of ±2.0% in measuring DC and AC voltages up to 500HZ and for higher frequency AC voltage it’s ±4.0%.

The instrument measures resistance in ohms up to a maximum value of 60k and the accuracy is as good as ±0.9%. You need to test and measure a capacitor. Your Fluke 113 is ready to do that. It can measure capacitances of even nanoFarad range. The lowest range is 1000nF and highest one is 9999µF.

Continuity test has the audible beeper to inform you. It beeps at an ohmic value of 20Ω and stops beyond 250Ω. It detects an open or short circuit that exists for even 500µs only.

The Package

As you order for a Fluke 113 you get the following:

  • The DMM
  • Integrated holster
  • Test leads
  • Instruction Manual

The features you get from this simple electronic tool are much wider. So you may have to think twice before rejecting this item.


The features you’ll get on a Fluke 113 are listed below:

  • VCHEK LoZ low impedance measurement, simultaneous test for continuity and voltage.
  • True RMS value for AC measurements
  • Large display with backlit
  • Recording Min. and Max. of a fluctuating parameter
  • Diode testing, general purpose and power
  • Auto and manual range selection
  • Optional magnetic hanger for hands free operation



MS2138R Review – Sinometer/Mastech Clamp DMM

MS2138R Review - Sinometer/Mastech Clamp DMM

The MS2138R is a digital AC/DC clamp multimeter. It’s a True RMS multimeter that measures correct RMS values of AC voltage and currents. The specialty of this instrument is the Clamp, with a big ‘C’. It enables you to measure current without direct contact. However, for measuring voltage and resistance you have to make contact with the test leads to the point of measurement.

This instrument comes with all the common functions of a multimeter; It measures AC and DC voltages and AC/DC currents. It measures resistance and tests continuity. You can test diodes on it. For frequency measurement it is also good to go. The AC voltage ranges available here are 4V, 40V, 400V, and 700V. Accuracy is good enough for maintenance purposes. It’s ± 1.0% to ± 1.2%. DC voltage ranges you have here are 4V, 40V, 400V, and 1000V. Accuracies are still better than AC voltage. These are ±0.8% and ± 1.0% for DC.

AC current measuring ranges on this meter are 400A and 1000A. Up to 600A the accuracy is ±2.5% and beyond that it’s ±3.0%. This meter measures DC current in the same two ranges and accuracy is ±3.0% all over the ranges. Resistance measurement with this digital tool has a wider flexibility of ranges. These are 400, 4k, 40k, 400k, 4M and 40MΩ. The highest range has an accuracy of ±2.0% while other ranges have somewhat better accuracy, it’s ±1.0%.

The Sinometer/Mastech MS2138R clamp multimeter has a few advantageous features. These are presented below:

  • Large LCD with backlighting
  • Max cable diameter for the clamp, 42mm
  • Auto /Manual setting of range
  • Max/Min function
  • True RMS values for voltage and current
  • Clamp jaw light
  • Auto power off

Hence it’s a multimeter with most of the functions an electrician requires. It is good enough for professional purposes as well as hobbyist/DIY purposes. A small complaint is that sometimes it will show a zero on this meter for current measurement. This may be overcome by subtracting initial deviation from the display. After all it’s a nice multifunction tool for the price.

Price: $74.90

Extech EX411 Review

Extech EX411 Review

The Ex 411 from Extech is a digital multimeter with a wide range of useful functions. It may be called a True RMS Multimeter. It’s protected by a built in rubber holster. Its front is deep green while the orange holster creates a contrasted outline. It looks good. It’s well shaped to fit your palm comfortably.


Its functions are voltage and current both in AC and DC, resistance, continuity, diode and temperature in °C and °F.

You may set its DC voltage range at 600, 200, 2V and 200mV. This is same for AC except the mV range which is not present on this meter. Accuracy of this instrument in measuring voltages differs a little from range to range. This is ±0.3 % to ±0.8% for DC and ±1.0% to ±3.0% in case of AC.

Current measuring ranges available are 200µ, 200m and 20A for DC circuits. For AC circuits you are to choose between 200m A and 20A ranges. Accuracies for DC swing between ±1.5% and ±2.5%. AC current measuring accuracy is some bad, it’s ±1.8% to ±3.5%.

This meter provides quite a broad spectrum of ranges in resistance measurement. The ranges are 200, 2000, 2k, 20k, 200k and 20MΩ. Accuracies of readings span from ±0.8% to ±2.0%.

For temperature measurement on an Ex 411 DMM a K type thermocouple probe is supplied with the instrument. It can measure any temperature within -20°C and 750°C. You can have the temperature in °F also.

The package

The package of Ex 411 contains:

  • The DMM
  • CAT III test leads
  • Tilt stand
  • Protective holster
  • Velcro hanging strap
  • K type temperature probe
  • 9V battery

If you want a professional DMM the Ex 411 is not a bad choice, even if it’s not quite on par with Fluke DMMs. You’ll get a True RMS Multimeter with a lot of features and functions for a  very reasonable price.

Price: $49.99

Fluke 114 Review

Fluke 114 Review

Fluke 114 is named as an Electrician’s Multimeter. Truly speaking it serves most of the purposes of an electrician for working in a Cat III 600V environment. Its shape and size are magnificent like other Fluke products. It’s rather handy and works even for one hand use.

It measures A.C and D.C voltages, resistances and tests continuity. So it’s a much simple DMM having limited features on it. But do you need more for your job? If not, why would you spend a lot of money? So you can have a Fluke quality comparatively at a lower expense.

The meter Fluke 114 has ranges of measurement like 600m, 6.0, 60, and 600V for D.C voltage. This is true for A.C voltage also. Accuracy in voltage measurement varies between ±0.5% and ±1.0%. The accuracy is a bit lower in Auto voltage selection, it’s ±2.0%.

This instrument is designed with a feature namely LoZ. This enables it to detect a ‘Ghost’ voltage. So you’ll never be fooled by such a thing. This instrument has a surge protection ability of 6 kV peak at per IEC 61010-1 600v CAT III, Pollution Degree 2. So your instrument is safe from any surge threat.

Resistance measurement is another vital aspect of a multimeter. This DMM takes care of it properly. The ranges are 600, 6.0k, 60.0k, 600.0k, and 6.0MΩ. Accuracy is good, ±0.9%. 40.0MΩ range is available on this tool, but at a poorer accuracy, ±5.0%.

Continuity Test is accompanied by a buzzer. It detects an open circuit or short circuit that lasts for 500 µs even. It’s a great advantage for detecting faults.

This DMM records Min, Max and average values from a fluctuating signal. So you can have a better idea of the system under test. Auto voltage program selects AC/DC automatically.

The larger display with white LED backed digits makes it easy to see even in a poorly lit area. A tilting support is built in for placing the meter on a desk or anything like that and getting a better view.

The salient features of Fluke 114 are outlined below:

  • Automatic  selection between AC/DC
  • White backlight, large LCD display
  • AC/DC voltage and ampere
  • Resistance and continuity
  • Max/Min/Average value from fluctuating parameters
  • Safety rating CAT III 600 V
  • 3 Years warrantee

If you are an electrician you can safely purchase a Fluke 114 DMM without thinking twice. You have to pay quite a substantial amount but as with most Fluke products you’ll never have to regret it.

Price: $134.25

Fluke 179 ESFP Review

Fluke 179 ESFP Review

The Fluke 179 ESFP is a real hand held multimeter. Its narrowing lower part and slight necking at the middle makes it a very comfortable fit to hold. The grey face with yellow outline makes it look gorgeous. It’s strong in all respect and easy to operate. Broadened top makes the LCD screen wider and easy to monitor.

The manufacturer claims it to be a True RMS Multimeter. But this is not a vague claim. Its accuracy is really high. The instrument is well designed to be used in industrial environment for maintenance of electrical and electronic systems.

It contains all features demanded by a technician to resolve industrial break downs and system failures. It has measurement facility for both A.C and D.C voltages and currents. You can safely use it for voltages as high as 1000 volts as it is tested independently in Cat III 600V and in Cat IV 1000V. Best accuracy you find here is ±0.09% in D.C and ±1.0% in A.C

Maximum current measuring capacity of the meter is 10 amperes in both A.C and D.C at accuracy of ±1.0 %.

Every now and then you need to measure resistance and test for continuity which are attended by a Fluke 179. Resistances starting from 0.1 Ω to 50 MΩ are within the reach of the meter. So you are well off about resistance measurement. Continuity is indicated by an audible signal.

No electronic circuit can be imagined of without capacitors and diodes and these are most vulnerable elements in a circuit. So it’s most likely for an electrical technician to need these for testing. This instrument has ample range for measuring capacitors from 1nF to 10,000 µF. Your Fluke DMM 179 is equipped to test a diode on it.

Sometimes you may have to measure frequency of a voltage or current source. Fluke 179 has the ability to measure frequencies in between 0.1 Hz to 100 KHz at an accuracy of ±0.1%.

For temperature measurement on a Fluke 179 an 80BK thermocouple probe is included in the supply and you can measure any temperature within the range -40 to 400°C on this DMM.

The summery of the notable features of a Fluke 179 are:

  • Designed for industrial use
  • True RMS values
  • Warranty for a life time
  • Optional Automatic ranging
  • Holding of displays
  • Recording of Min. and Max. values
  • Calibration from front panel
  • Protective holster  and ergonomic case

So a Fluke 179 carries almost all you need as an industrial professional. Well, don’t forget to order an accessory like strap and magnet which allow you to test with both hands free. Life time warranty will take away all your worries regarding your multimeter. Fluke meters are still top-of-class instruments, and although the price is a little higher, their longevity and quality will probably save you money in the long run.


Price: $269.99

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